Herz-, Thorax-, Gefäßchirurgische Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin

One important area of responsibility of the division is university teaching. We offer a required module (Module 21 – Anesthesia and Interdisciplinary Care for the Critically Ill) and a continuous track (Emergency Medicine). Practice-oriented teaching is thus offered from the first through the sixth years of study.


Research-led teaching

We teach students specialist competence in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine as well as our goals of safety and humanity. They obtain insight into the perioperative procedure, starting from the preoperative anesthetic examination through the features of different anesthetic techniques to adequate postoperative care in the recovery room or in the intensive care unit. They experience how our team organizes individualized care from premature babies to the elderly.

We always convey the latest findings from research in our own discipline as well as interdisciplinary findings. In internships and rotations, we attempt to foster the students' ability to apply these findings and encourage them to pass this on to each other.


Postgraduate training

The wide range of professional development opportunities at the Medical University of Graz is directed at a variety of occupational groups in the fields of medicine, science and research, nursing and health services. Most of the professional development courses can be completed while the participant is regularly employed and provide him/her with a valuable additional qualification.