Herz-, Thorax-, Gefäßchirurgische Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin

We provide reliable care for you before, during and after the operation with individualized pain therapy."

Our staff provides you with an anesthetic if you need to undergo cardiac surgery, thorax surgery (lung, chest, esophagus), vascular surgery, a transplant (liver), a neurosurgical intervention (tumors of the brain and spinal column, cerebrovascular diseases, diseases of the spinal column, peripheral nerve procedures), an eye operation, an ear, nose or throat operation or dental or jaw surgery.

During the preoperative anesthesia examination, we discuss an anesthetic technique that is appropriate for you and your intervention and prepare you for the upcoming operation.

Furthermore, our staff are responsible for medical care at the cardiac and transplant surgery intensive care units (C and D) and the neurosurgical intensive care unit.

We also provide anesthesia and some intensive care at the Pediatrics Center of University Hospital Graz.

The uniqueness and the added value of our division are the result of the symbiosis between patient care, research and education. The division is jointly operated by the Medical University of Graz and the Styrian Hospital Association (KAGes). This interdisciplinary cooperation between both providers at the University Hospital Graz site is also reflected on our website. More information on patient care can be found at the University Hospital Graz website.